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Digital Medical Practice

TEEB digitalize your medical practice and communication with your patients. It is a Secure, Universal and Innovative system that uses Blockchain and Hyperledger technology.

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Patient APP

TEEB provides you an APP to Universalize your medical care and providing you a Secure Immediate access to your Electronic Health Records. Secure, Encrypted and Personalized.

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Medical Concierge

TEEB is created for you. That is why, complementing our technology, you have access to “Personalized Care” with a human that will attend you in the path for Happiness and Wellbeing.

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TEEB Doctors that save lives, not clinical records.

Join the “TEEB Ecosystem” and together, let us redesign healthcare and improve the communication, booking, access and patient treatment follow-ups.
Let’s transform traditional healthcare.

  • Universal Electronic Health Records
  • Booking, Payments and Digital Agenda
  • Pre-Pay and finance using TEEB Pay
  • Private medical messaging with TEEB MedChat
  • Digital Prescriptions
  • Lab tests & more...

TEEB Patients that takes control of their health.

You would not cross a red light…why not apply the same prevention system for your health? With TEEB you OWN control
Let’s transform your medical experience.

  • Universal Health Records
  • Schedule, pay and follow up medical appointments.
  • Everywhereness Healthcare services with telehealth and Smart Pre-Diagnosis
  • 1:1 and 24/7 personal concierge
  • Medication Delivery
  • Home care services

Together, let’s transform your medical experience.

TEEB medical concierge is a 1:1 personal concierge. This means that we will be your personal assistant for anything you need, anywhere, any time.
We are here for you 24/7.

  • Do you want to schedule a virtual appointment?
  • Do you want to speak with your phycologist?
  • Do you need a palliative care?
  • Do you want to schedule an “at-home” service?
  • Do you want us to send your prescribed medication?
  • Do you want a COVID-19 test?
  • Are you having an emergency?
  • Is there any other service we can assist you with?
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